You should check out these latest updated features added to Gmail

Google Is Your Friend

As the technology market grows, and people are getting connected daily, there comes an urgent need to further protect privacy of individuals.
Privacy is key to social media apps, and this is one of the issues Facebook just survived. But Google Inc is bent on taking privacy to a next level.


The new Gmail features are high end, and with it, you can do and undo with your sent or received mails. Let’s sharpky take a look at the lists of updates that Google plans for the news Gmail.

1. Self destruct Emails: In American movies, you might have been seeing lots of self destruct ships, mails and all that and you think they are far fetched. Well, you too can now behave like a super spy. You can destroy mails.
With this feature, you can set “Expire Time” for mails you wanna send, and when it’s time, the mails will disappear from your outbox and from recipient’s inbox.

2. Confidential mails: Have you always been scared of sending mails to people, containing confidential information? Well, no more to your fears. You can now lock your mails, and the recipient will only be able to open by the codr you send to them via text. Or you can also set the recipient to have to re login, to access the mail.

3. Safe Mails: These mails are like dead bodies, the recipient will only be able to read them. The recipient can’t forward, copy (and paste), download or print the mails. Read and that’s it.

4. Snooze Mails: With this upgrade, you can snooze a mail just like you snooze your alarm to defer it to a later time. If you are busy and can’t read a maol just yet, you can snooze it to the time you’d be free.

There are lot more snazzy features to the Gmail app, and it might be the right step in protecting your data that Facebook failed to protect (though Mark Zuckerburg promised to do better)

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