Unknowing things we do that damage our kidney

        Kidney is a vital organ of the body that help control various actions in the body ranging from excretion,filtration,absorption,secretion,etc. There are some habit we occasionally do not knowingly but can have detrimental effect on our kidney.

        Not drinking enough water

    When water is taken regularly, it can go a long way towards preventing kidney stones because kidney depend on liquid to work properly.so, when your very thirsty take enough water. It is good for ur health and that of the baby.
         Reduce your salt intake

    It can be very easy to reach out to the salt shaker and add a little bit then more. Always reduce foods and snacks that are high in sodium and replace meats with fruits and fresh vegetables.

        Not exercising enough

    Exercising go a long way towards keeping the body cardiovascular system in perfect conditions.it is good to exercise on a regular basis.Try to walk and do some stretches

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