Trolls and Yabs follow Buhari’s declaration to contest for a second term come 2019

    Truth be told, the first four years of President Muhammadu Buhari has yielded little in physical infrastructure and economic buoyance, but his war against corruption has drawn Nigeria away from being one of the most corrupt countries in the world. I am no political bias person, and all I want to tell you is that Buhari has decided to run for second term in office. This announcement was made not too long ago by the Asorock’s official Twitter account.

    President @MBuhari has just announced his intention to seek the presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and contest for a second term of Office in the 2019 elections.

    — Presidency Nigeria (@NGRPresident) April 9, 2018

    All national news agencies are talking about it, discussing the pros and cons of the Buhari govt, which I won’t do. But there are a couple of things I would want you to see. Numerous Trolls have been following Buhari’s declaration of running for a second term.


    Yabbings upon yabbings, while Twitter users render their views on the Buhari’s govt. I know you have yours, and I have mine and you might as well let’s discuss in the comment box (Remember to turn comment notifications on). Let’s have a quick look at the various trolls and comments that followed Buhari’s declaration for second term

    Which nigeria declared that

    — khalil (@khalilabubakr) April 9, 2018

    The 5% people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria u mean?

    — Elutidoye Gbenga (@amaudiohead) April 9, 2018

    Why biafraud is everywhere here, is it our fault that you sent ur own president to the Land of unknown? Abeg pack well and start ur ultimate search for ur President kanu.

    Long live president of Nigeria Long live president Buhari Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria

    — A. Abiodun Lanrryb (@Lanrryb90) April 9, 2018

    Then ask but before you proceed, PMB is the best candidate and currently the best president we have.

    Is their someone better than him?

    Who is the person?

    — A. Abiodun Lanrryb (@Lanrryb90) April 9, 2018

    He has locked the nation treasury from ur corrupt paymasters and ur President kanu is now living underground

    — A. Abiodun Lanrryb (@Lanrryb90) April 9, 2018

    Like the ur Papa turned urs to black

    — A. Abiodun Lanrryb (@Lanrryb90) April 9, 2018

    U are a complete waste

    — namo (@razznamo) April 9, 2018

    Another Thread (This is hilarious. Savage!)

    No,this is the second worst news we’ve heard in Nigeria… Your birth is number one

    — Chiboi Mickelson (@ceeworld21) April 9, 2018


    — Chiboi Mickelson (@ceeworld21) April 9, 2018

    Another thread

    In the name of Jesus Christ he will be reelected. Am sure you know Jesus is not only for you.

    — Elutidoye Gbenga (@amaudiohead) April 9, 2018

    I just said mine too. Am sure you know Twitter is not only for you…😁

    — Elutidoye Gbenga (@amaudiohead) April 9, 2018

    Another thread (Bust brain)

    Hey kiddo… Don’t you have house chores to attend to?? Come back when you know what GIFT really means

    — Chiboi Mickelson (@ceeworld21) April 9, 2018

    😂😂😂 I know, right?

    — Chiboi Mickelson (@ceeworld21) April 9, 2018

    Twitter is just a fun place to be, though you might not understand the app at first, that’s why I publish this list of 5 stages you will pass through to get used to Twitter. And, have you gotten your PVC? If not, I want to believe it’s cos you are still a minor. Prove that you are a ‘major’, get your PVC and let’s vote.

     Got anything to say? The comment box is all yours, I’m all ears. I got no job. Here for you. Lol.

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