This poster will most likely make this candidate lose the election || 2019

I’m not a doom prophet, but, if i was in position to vote (If a northerner), I wouldn’t vote this man. How could someone meant to lead us, start campaigning by even confusing his graphics designer. We say no to confused leadership.

I saw a campaign poster placed on social media as a result of the unclear quoted statement by Hon Alhaji Baba Shehu Agale, contesting for a seat in the senate house. The poster was spotted somewhere in the North (If the poster is genuine). The poster had a statement on it, that no matter how many times you read it, you will never find a meaning to it.

The statement read thus “What can can’t, can can do it”. Please, did you find any common sense here? It’s either The graphics designer did a perfect job of completely replicating what was given to him, or he improvised. Whatever, the quote will make voters cry. We shouldn’t just vote politicians anymore, we should vote intellects.

This is the situation of Nigeria, many unqualified people sit in the hem of affairs, squandering money without any intellectual impact to the society. Mr. President said the youths are lazy, but I say their generation (while they were youths) was lazier, in that most of them skipped school. The tides are turning, it’s time fof youth leadership.

Vote wisely

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