This latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone can not browse, no internet!

I don’t think anyone would buy this, at least, not a Nigerian student. This Latest Samsung Galaxy phone has no internet connection whatsoever, no browsing.

Definition of a beautiful face with a rotten soul!!!

Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy J2 pro, and this smartphone performs basically all smartphone functions, except that, it blocks all 3G, 4G, Wi-fi and even 10G(If there will ever be).

The phone, according to the company is meant for students that would like to concentrate on studies and also for the elderly citizens. So, if you need this to take one tough exam, get your $185 ready.

Yes! That’s the price, $185. Hilarious right? How could a phone that can’t browse cost as much, even mine with better specs cost about 10k less.

Chill, let’s run through the specs and you see what I mean. It has a 5inch qHD AMOLED display, 1.4quad core chip, 1.5gb RAM, no internal memory, memory card slot, 2600mah battery, 8mpx back camera, 5mpx front camera.

You see what I mean when I said the phone is not for a Nigerian student. How will we use a phone that can’t do Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, whatsapp, youtube or even this blog at a least. All it does is phone call, messaging, music and other minor tasks of a smartphone (offline tasks).

Well, even if you think you need it in your life, you will have to travel to South Korea, as the product is only meant for South Korean market. Thanks

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