This is the first video on YouTube and it’s celebrating its thirteenth Birthday

YouTube has become the lifestyle of moving pictures in the world, with movies, clips, vlogs, all trailong on YouTube. The platform co-founded by Jawed Karim, launched on April 23, 2005 after fee months of buying the domain.

The world’s video archive has since then rested on the shoulders of YouTube. I remember it launching in Nigeria, and Nollywood made good use of it. Now, every tom dick and Harry owns a YouTube channel which is pretty cool.

At the launch of the website, Jawed Posted the first video of the platform, “Me at the Zoo”. In the video, he was at the zoo and said “So, here we are in front of the elephants. They have rally, really, really, long trunks. That’s cool and that pretty much all there is to say”.

The video is a teenager, 13 years old actually, and it has over 48million all time views. Compared to the YouTube of today, the video is dull, but it started it all, and we really appreciate the gift Jawed gave the world, even though the world will forever be paying him dollars in return.

Happy birthday YouTube!!

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