This grandpa has a crazy dance move that will make you wonder

Please, who owns or knows the owner of this grandpa, kindly tell him to get the hell outta my TL. I didn’t just say that actually, it was all thoughts.

But this grandpa on my TL is cool, I wonder what the dance move is called, but the dance move is truly ‘out of hand’

The grandson of an elderly man tweeted that he taught jis grandpa tha dance but it went al wrong suddenly as the granpa most probably became obsessed with the dance move. I wonder what the man was trying to dig in this video

Taught my grandfather that dance and now it’s got out of hand…

— Dan (@dgkdanknowles) April 11, 2018

Even if we can’t really figure out what this dance move is called unlike our shaku shaku, I think this grandpa’s dance could pass out well for a meme. What ya’ll think?

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