Snapchat launches “Spectacles V2”, a sunglass with camera you will always wanna wear

Picture and video chat app, Snapchat as of yesterday made the Version 2 of its Spectacles available to the market.

V1 vs V2

Spectacles is a sunglass designed by Snapchat to help you have cameras on your fancy sun glasses. With Spectacles, you can have videos taken as well as pictures, while staying fancy with the best design of sunglasses you will find on planet earth.


The need for a second version of spectacle became really necessary as the version 1 was nearly a failure, with only 220k pieces sold, causing the company a loss of $40m, after thousands have been made with no buyer.

Sleek Designs

The version 2 is a lot better than the version 1, its usability under water makes it even more awesome. You can wear the spectacles, and with s single click while wearing it, you can record the videos of what you actually see. At this click, a white light rotates to show that you are recording, and with a long press, you can take a picture of really high quality.

These sunglasses will be awesome for people on vacation to the beach and don’t want to get their phones wet while capturing moments. The spectacles make the recording in HD, and you can later send to your phone through the snapchat app. Without offloading the memory, you can take pictures and record videos for one weeks straight.

Easy Carriage Case

The Spectacles V2 is cureently for sale at $150, and for now, it ain’t in Nigeria, but you can always order and ship online. The V2 is still available in the US, Canada and France, and will be made available in 13 other countries in a week.

Watch this video to see the beauty of the Snapchat Spectacles V2.

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