Pablo Ayodeji drops suicide note on Twitter and users are on a frenzy mode

    PS: This story was updated after validations, at 10:45pm

    You may or may not have heard of Pablo Ayodeji, but in a one sentence, Pablo Ayodeji is an Internet Fraudster, who had come to limelight for his numerous frauds on Twitter.


    Roughly 8 hours ago (as of writing this), Pablo Ayodeji tweeted that it was time to leave the world, as things were not going any easy after 22 years on earth. He tagged it as his last Tweet and I really hope he didn’t mean it.

    Ji! Masun! Ani ki o ji se!

    He had been sought out many times, and arrested, but here he is, Tweeting about suicide which as of writing this, I don’t know if he was really serious.

    But, Twitter users are lit, replies upon replies. Some replies would probably make pablo come back to live to reply if he was dead.

    The main issue is, is he been serious this time. Pablo is known to have pulled pranks in time past just to get attention and then swindle people in return. It’s so hard to believe him, and one never can tell if he was being serious.

    While his Tweet is still being put in question, there are a few highlights of replies you should check. I couldn’t go through all, thousands of them. But, enjoy these little and you can check for the rest here.


    Who got more ideas?

    I guess there is dinner in heaven, or get together

    Tobianoace got their backs too😂

    Wanna Donate too? My account number is available

    Wise words!!!

    Reach out to the depressed, no matter who! 

    Update: Pablo is alive, his supposed suicide note is one of his dirty pranks to swindle people again. These photos are screengrabs of the chat of a user who DMed him and promised him 500k. Pablo had to come back to life to lobby. Lol

    Baba needs money. Ole!

    No one will believe him when he is really dying. No one. 

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