I think Zenith bank was actually lying with this ad

    There is one moment I hate seeing alerts from my banks (GTB et UBA), its when they are actually making monthly deductions on services they had rendered to me (as they claim).


    Deductions had been made for card maintenance (sometimes twice same day by UBA), and other charges I can’t remember now. But my point of writing is, in as much as my accounts are savings accounts, there was next to no time that i saw an alert of bonuses being credited to my account by the banks.

    I don’t blame the banks, and neither do I expect any money from them. But, one reason I wrote this is for you to enlighten me a bit about Zenith Bank. I have always conceived that bank to be the bank of the rich, and haven’t been able to verify it.

    I saw an ad on Twitter by the bank, and in the caption, they said “The face you make when you see your bonus” on this picture.

    The picture was placed on an ad to download their mobile app, and I guess the mobile app must be a bonus giving machine.

    My instinct sparked, cos the only amount of money that will make one wanna make this kinda face is if you see an alert of 1million+(maybe less). The money has to be huge for one to make this face, right or wrong.

    There are flip sides to this ad actually

    1. If this is the face Zenith Bank customers make when they see their alert, I wonder how much Zenith is sending their customers regularly. Maybe I should open a zenith account, cos I need money that will make me scream.

    2. Zenith is hyping the ad. Cos, Nigerian banks I know will not give bonuses that will make one be this happy.
    If Zenith actually hyped that ad beyond the kinda bonus they give, then too bad.

    But, like I said, I don’t use Zenith, so I need help. Does Zenith really give this kinda bonuses?

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    1. Iffa hear. They don't deduct money anyhow oh but bonus umba.
      Or maybe like u said "bank of the rich"
      U have to have more than enough in ur account to get the kind of bonus U're looking for. 😂


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