Get the best deals on these home equipments; Blender, washing machine, microwave and even mobiles

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    We are four months into the year and you need to hurry up on all those New Year resolutions. The joy of a home is when you have the right equipments to fill your home.

    Have you been thinking of getting some gadgets but the costs have been scaring you, okay, now you can get those same things for a slashed price.

    On Black Pen Shop, we have the best deals for you today, and you get them delivered to you wherever you are. Now, let’s take a look at the stuffs you can get for reduced prices today:


    1. Polystar 13inch HD LED television. The black coated television is sure to catch your fancy with high quality display and a number of other fearures you will surely love. That TV in your room is getting outdated? Then it’s time to get the Polystar (be a star). It used to be for #55k, but you can noe get it for #49k. Rush now, stock is diminishing

    2. Midea 20litre Microwave oven. If you have ever known the Midea brand, you will know them for quality when it comes to household materials. This red microwave will warm your breakfast up in no time. Buy now

    3. Redmi Note 5A. This smartphone might not be in the class of the iPhones, but, it’s sure efficient as a smartphone. It boasts of a 5.5inch display, with an android 7.1 nougat OS. It’s a 2gb RAM phone with 16gb ROM. The rear camera is 13mp, while the selfie camera is 5mp. It’s time to rock a smartphone, we are in a smart world. New price is #31990

    4. Quartz watch (Waterproof). Ok, are you jist like my friend that always forgets tp take off his watch when involved with water? Then this watch is for you. You have don’t have to get the rolex watches for fancy too, this watch serves both purpose. Its fanciful and waterproof. Check it out. It’s still #5190

    5. Binatone Automatic machine. Well, I have to hidr my face here, but if you are a person like me that don’t like washing clothes, this is our machine. Its automatic, portable (9kg), and you can just leap it on your shoulder all around. Let’s buy now. 

    6. Binatone blender. Are you resuming soon, and are tired of eating ground pepper stew (I’m never tired though), and you want to feel home in school. Good. This blender is for you, get it now and save 4k for yourself.  

    There are so many things in stock just for you, get it now while it’s still the “Deals of the day”. You won’t get them any bettet. Other items are up for sale at reduced prices, but these are just the few that caught my fancy, check here for more.

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