#BBnaija; Lolu Reveals That He Was Molested By Housemaid At Age 5…Read More

Lolu in his diary session with Big Brother revealed he was molested by their housemaid when he was 5 years old and the molestation lasted for 4 years
by the same housemaid and nobody knew about it.

He said:
At the age of five I was molested by our housemaid and it
went on for about four years under my mother’s nose.

And I couldn’t tell my mother, not because i was scared but because
even at that age I figured she has too much to do at a time and
me telling her will add more burden to her.

The maid subjects me to lots of punishment if i didn’t do as she
please or as she wants, it wasn’t something she did with my consent
and I wasn’t particularly happy with it.

When I turned 21 was when I could finally tell someone about it and
it was my younger sister that I told first about it.

Meanwhile, many viewers are already calling him out saying it’s all a makeup
story as he is just seeking for votes from viewers.

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