A pyramid might soon be built into Anfield, Liverpool’s Stadium

    Champions league is really the Champions league, with matches having highlights befitting of Champions. Ronaldo tore Juventus apart, Overhead kick and a penalty, and now, the UCL song is themed “Mo’Salah”. At this rate, a pyramid might end up being built in Anfield

    The Egyptian, Mo’Salah bagged the PFA player of the year some days ago, having been voted by fellow players as the best in the Premier league right now, totally a total of 43 goals across all competituons this season.

    On tuesday, in a Champions league Semi-Final first leg clash with AS Roma at Anfield, Mo’Salah led Klopps men to a whooping 5-2 win. The win was remarkable, resulting in “Mo’Salah” topping Twitter trends in Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Europe.

    Records have been broken by the Egyptian, one of which is being the African Player with the highest goals in a UCL season, a record previously held by Samuel Eto. But, Liverpool might have to make some structural changes to Anfield in honour of this god that has toppled Neymar out of Ballon d’or top three. Messi and Ronaldo still keeps their seats all because they have had special moments this season too. I wouldn’t be too surprised if neither of Messi nor Ronaldo won the next Ballon d’or.

    In respect of Mo’Salah’s performance, a Twitter User shared a picture, which I believe must have been photoshopped. No other definition. In the picture, we see a Egyptian characteristic pyramid being edited into ‘Anfield’, in the spectators section, serving as seats.

    Don’t joke with Nigerian Photoshoppers, they are part of the #LazyNigerianYouths

    How awesome would that be if it were ever possible. It’s hilarious and thoughtful, but I bet Liverpool is in no mood to lavish such money. But, one thing is sure, Mo’Salah is sure to remain in favour of executives of Liverpool, as he had single handedly brought Anfield back into worldwide spotlight.

    One quick question, do you think Mo’Salah will win the next Ballon d’or?

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