Say Hello to the Fashion designer whose Single Jacket auction for an unbelievable sum in one hour | Parks Fashion Empire

    On a high probability that you still don’t know, the world celebrates creativity and success, and that is just the case with Parks Fashion Empire.


    Parks Fashion Empire, a fashion company found by CEO, Bankole Ayeni Parks comprise of a clothing line alongside a Shoe line (soon to be launched). The Clothing line goes by the name Ankara Styles Africa but has in recent times undergo evolution into non-ankara fashion.

    In a Facebook post, the CEO of the company shared with his friends, how a jacket he made was simply placed on auction via his whatsapp status. Friends and customers turned up lit on his DM and auction started at 7k, through 42k, to 55k and finally to 100k. Take note that these are not the only figures involved in the auction.

    This is the Jacket (Make sure you read till the end):

    Gbam! Mr Parks landed 100k for a jacket that might not have cost him too much to make. It simply tells us that it’s not the material that mattered, but the value people placed on his works.

    Mr. Parks is an Industrial Chemistry Student at Federal University Of Technology Akure, and since the start of his brand, he had been an inspiration to many entrepreneurs, which I’m proudly one of ’em.

    The Jacket was bought by a customer of his, who pleaded to be left anonymous when he shared the post. 97k transfer and 3k cash, no joke, right?

    Let me Famz small, the designer was my classmate in secondary school (Proudly Aquinas College Akure), but that isn’t the main reason behind this sharing, and he didn’t pay or ask me for advert, I simply believe in sharing success stories, which should inspire you to never stop working (smart work), never stop hustling. Let your value rise!

    I would have loved to share all of his works here, but my subscription will get exhausted if i try it, will share some here, and I will share links of his social media, feed your eyes with beautiful designs and feed your soul with passion for your work.

    When you scroll down this page, you will find: some of his works, his social handles, the details of the bidding, and some share buttons to share this story to inspire a friend. Leggo

    His works:

    To see more, connect with his Social Media Handles

    Facebook: Paparazzy Parks Bankole Ayeni (Paparazzi)
    Facebook page; Parks d Tailor

    Instagram: Park_d_tailor

    Phone number: Number shall not be posted without explicit permission. Ladies keep off. Lmao. 

    Details of the bidding: (In pictures)

    This is just a tip of Mr. Parks story, lots more from the man himself. Who knows, I might be opportuned to interview him (You know celebs are always busy). 
    Start working hard and smart. 
    Quick News: Swanky Jerry (A iconic Fashion designer) just bagged an endorsement deal with MTN, according to Lailasnews

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