With this new Google Go app, you can search the internet with supersonic speed.

If there is any website an average Nigerian internet user visits per day, it’s google.com and the reason is not far fetched, Google seems to know all answers to anything we want to know.


I use google mightily (to learn new things, info and also google helps with my cooking skils), and I would more than appreciate if google gave me a very fast search experience.

Well, here is my improved search experience, and its about to get juicier and faster. Google just launched the new ‘Google Go’ app. The Google Go is a search app that is designed to provide users in Sub saharan Africa with seamless and super fast search experience. Trust me, the app is super fast (I tried it)

Download Yours Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the Google Go app, you can enter a search keyword, and even before pages start loading, you get suggested results. Isn’t that cool.

But more than the superfast search, what the Google Go app is capable of doing is listening to the inherent accent of Africans (English accent), and actually processing this words and help with a better search experience.

In short, the Hausa English speaker just got a way to use the google voice search.  Like seriously, you should get this app. While searching, it takes less than 2 seconds to load, irrespective of the network you are on (Edge, 3G, 4G or Wifi). I tried it, and I had my heart race for love. With this app, you would love to search.

I searched for my role model

Amazing features added all round, search just got better. Apart from English, you can choose a second language, and In my case I chose Yoruba, meanwhile you can choose any other African language you wish.

With this second language, you are able to use the voice search and type search in two different languages – English and any other. And results will be displayed with the language you are using for search.

I spoke Yoruba to the app, before I closed my mouth from speaking, results were popping up on my screen. Like seriously, if you are in a hurry to learn Psalm 119, use Google Go.

With this second language, you are able to use the voice search and type search in two different languages – English and any other.

With the Google Go, you also save about 40% data that you would have use on the website. With the app, you can even search for GIFs, and the app comes for as low as 5mb in download (don’t wait to use xender to collect from friend)

Get any GIF you want in 1 sec. Seriously 

According to Google, the app helps you to “Type Less and Discover More”, and the app did live to its words and features.

Note that this app is only currently available for android devices and works for android 4.3 and above. You can get the app on Google Playstore here – Google Go,  and live in the realm of digital beauty (Super fast connection).

No dull moment with Google Go.

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