Winter Olympics might just cause unity between North and South Korea.

    Over the past decades, the North and Southern Korean Nations had been at loggerheads, and this is evident in the Korean peninsula (somewhat like a border). 

    Lives have been lost in the separation, and later on families were later united aftet about sixty years of separation. That’s the modus operandi of the Korean Nations.
    You must be aware that both nations have their areas of strength, while North Korea boasts of weaponry, the South take pride in sophistication and innovative tech. Cool. But, have you ever imagined a coalition between this two? It would form a near perfect technological hemisphere is Asia. The collaboration(they still remain different nations though) of this two nations would simply make them rank in status with USA.
    The big question is, why are they seeking unity now? 
    Before that is answered (I don’t know the answer anyways, but you and I could rub minds), this is the process that will lead to their unity. 

    Winter Olympics is slated to start on the 5th of Febuary, 2018. And in the annual New Year Speech by the North Korean leader (whom Trump calls Rocketman), Kim Jung Un, he said the country will engage in peace talks with their Southern colleagues, and ease the tension at the Korean peninsula. Delegations would be sent to South Korea to deliberate a means for the North to participate in the South Korean Winter Olympics, 2018, fostering the peace that is ensuing between the two nations.
    This move I believe will yield results, and the reason is simply because, the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in welcomed the speech and was also the one to have been clamouring for peace talks between them.

    Am opined that the unity they seek is simply because of the American threat, which is poised at killing the North Korean Nuclear dream. But, ‘Rocketman’ has no intention of backing down, and same goes for Trump. 

    If the two countries unite (though they will still retain sovereignty), they will be more or less the Standard of USA, and could stand tall at a face off with the US.
    Remember that a European country also began a joint training with China, all in preparation of a possible outbreak of war, which would include massive nuclear weapons.

    But, let’s hope it’s not what am thinking, but what other reasons do you think might have caused this proposed unity? Drop opinions in the comment box.

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