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    “Festival of Death”

    Hands dey scratch to kill;
    month end and NEPA bill.
    Knives sharp pass lion teeth;
    plenty lives go kiss six feet.

    Every house with him own slaughter
    today church go disobey the altar.
    Blood go soak this earth;
    today na festival of death.

    Fathers go lose their head;
    flesh go turn sliced bread.
    Children go cry for their dead mothers,
    adults go think of their dead lovers.

    Coffins go wait on top red fire;
    to give the dead their last burial.
    Momsi go sing the “farewell” song
    then the whole house go sing along.

    “Give me the laps, give me the leg!”
    “Give me the wings, give me the neck!”
    Plates with rice go bark like dog,
    hungry mouths go jump like frog.

    Blood go soak this earth;
    today na festival of death.
    Christmas don sample face again;
    Chicken Republic go romance pain.

    © Kolofo Adejo,  2018.

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