Chelsea Vs Arsenal: Twitter’s outburst over Morata Misses

    We into the 22nd game of the English Premier league, and so far, the boys have been separated from the men. Manchester city shows no sign of slowing down, continuing their unbeaten run into the new year.
    Yesterday, Jan 3 was a epic night, not in terms of quality of football played, or goal scored, but in terms of superb misses. Misses that will go down in history. Yesterday, we had Miss Morata not Mister Morata.

    The game ended in a 2 goals draw at the Emirate stadium, with goals from Wilshere and Bellering for the gunners, while Hazard and Alonso scrambles a point for the blues.
    Truth be told, Chelsea should have won. They weren’t cheated by the referee or cos the ball was bad, but simply, Morata lost his compass. He had misses that should have been at the back of the net.
    still, it’s the game of football, anything can happen. He was just unlucky. His coach defended him, but Twitter users wouldn’t. Following the trend yesterday made my night, as I laughed hard. Some tweets were dry, but some….. Hilarious.

    Enough talking, see for yourself.


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