Why most Akwa Ibom citizens are rooting for this candidate, come 2019 elections

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    By Rev’d Richard Peters

    As consultations, campaigns, mobilization and other political activities ahead of 2019 is gaining momentum, majority of people in Nsit Ubium local government have come out with theirs drums, to beat for the aspiration of Barr. Otobong Effiong Bob, the son of Senator Effiong Bob, who represented the people of the Akwa Ibom North Senatorial seat, at the senate.

    Though some reactions have continued to trial the aspiration of Barr. Bob, with few people seeing his aspirations as an influence from his father. But one thing we should all know, is that Barr. Otobong Bob, even though a son of a very powerful politician in Nsit Ubium, Akwa Ibom State even in Nigeria, has his own life to live, political participation to get involve with.

    The pedigree, charisma of the aspirant should first and foremost be brought into consideration, before talking about the influence of the father, which as far as the politics of Nigeria is concern, can not be taken away, because he effectively represented the people well, left a legacy at the Senate and has remained a strong unifying force in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria.

    In the profile of Barr. Otobong Effiong Bob, one can clearly see that he has a good academic and moral ground to participate in the modern day legislative practice, of making laws that will affect the people positively, as well as emulating the likes of the current Member representing Nsit Ubium State Constituency, Rt. Hon. Barr. Onofiok Luke.

    Having had a qualitative educational training from the prestigious Mobil Pegasus Primary school, Eket, Green springs Secondary school, Lagos, Bachelor’s degree in Law at the renowned University of Buckingham, completed all necessary requirements at the Nigerian Law School, his subsequent called to Bar in 2014, as well as completing his NYSC, proceeded to the University of Warwick for Master’s degree in International Corporate Governance & Financial Regulations. It is very clear, that Barr. Bob is fit and ready for the service of his people, base on his qualifications, discipline, articulation and humility.

    I see in Barr. Bob, the passion for service. A man who because of his willingness, desires for more wisdom decided to be taught and groomed in law practice by an intellectual, Dr. Alex A. Izinyon( SAN), where he is practicing till date, and has been engaging in numerous high profile cases at Alex Izinyon( SAN)&Co.

    One thing I know for sure, is the fact that, the candidacy of Barr. Otobong is divine and this will further give the people hope for a better tomorrow, knowing well that the future is for them, and that they are not too young to contest election, represent their people, and voice out their mind at any point in time. Even as a student, the outstanding performance of Barr. Bob, was clear for everyone to see, his leadership style back then when he stood election for the office of President, legal Aid community development service ( CDS) group endear him to the  people.

    As one who wants to be seen as a man that has his own mind and ideology in politics, not just the political influence of his father, as continued to gain more knowledge by undertaking professional courses and programs at reputable institutions like Columbia University ( Ivy League) and chartered institute of Arbitrators, and others.

    Senator Effiong Bob is a voice when it comes to the politics of Nigeria, but can not force his force to the people, if his son did not agree to represent his people or the people do not want him, there is no way he would have aspired. So for Barr Otobong Bob to aspire for the house of Assembly seat for Nsit Ubium State Constituency, does not mean other aspirants are barred from contesting, because this is  purely party politics, and the wish of the people and ofcourse the majority has taken effect.

    Former President Obasanjo’s daughter, Iyabo Obasanjo was a commissioner in Ogun State, a state that the father who is from there and as a former president of a country, has complete influence over, and later became a senator representing the father’s senatorial district, the influence of the father may have aided her victory in the election, but she had her own mind as a politician and represented her people well.

    I still recall how she wrote an open letter criticizing her father, who had earlier wrote an open letter to criticize former President Jonathan. In her 11- page letter dated December 16,2013, she accused her father of orchestrating a third term for himself and among many other issues, though many people condemned her action towards the father, but to me, this was Senator Iyabo, expressing her mind on the politics of that time, to show that she had a mind of her own.

    So the aspiration of Barr. Otobong Effiong Bob should be seen as his willingness to represent his people, bring the young people together, preach peace and unity, and emulate the political steadfastness of his father, his doggedness on his issues, and his selfless service to humanity.

    As a clergy who once served in that area, I know a little about the people of Nsit Ubium, particularly Sen Effiong Bob who sometime ago was my benefactor, though I showed some level of ungratefulness, he made me understand the simplicity of life, the reality of things and changed me from boy I was to a man I am today, I can tell you few of Sen Effiong Bob’s character I emulated and these really helped me when dealing with people.

    The people of that area having seen the good virtues of Sen Effiong Bob decided to pitch their tent behind his son, Barr Otobong.

    To me, this development should not be seen as an imposition, rather this should be seen as a call to service, therefore we should all encourage the young Barr Otobong Effiong to lead, I do not share in this ‘stop him, or propaganda sentiment’ going round the social media,
    I, Rev’d Richard Peters rise to support and endorse Barr Otobong Effiong Bob for State House 2019.

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