Specs of iMac Pro by Apple really justifies its price of $13000

Apple with its trademark of designing luxury gadgets is here again with the iMac Pro computer with the best of specs.

Its a unique feature with the best of upgrades you have ever seen in computer history. This computer was unveiled in june, but you can get yours from stores (Well, not just any store)
The starting price for this juicy computer is $4999, but to get all upgrades and software for a whao experience of the specs, be ready to let go of $13000.

Lets list a few of its specs;

Various versions of it can come with either the 8-core, 10-core or 18-core Xeon processor
22 teraflops of graphics power
All in one system with 5k display
3D design, video editing and virtual reality display

Apple is a tech company in its own class, and anything coming from them is world class, ask tge iPhone X.

I want one of these, do you?

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