Next time, Consider the consequences before disobeying the Judge, ask this muslim law student

    Just like the title advices, consider if you would be ahooting yourself in the leg, if you are hell bent on a belief, and would disobey the Judge for it. Don’t get me wrong, Judges are not gods.
    What am i saying?
    Well, i woke up this morning and took to my Twitter (@oludamola_bp : Follow for a follow back), and my morning was greeted with quite a number of trends, but number 3 caught my attention.
    Trend no 3 was tagged “hijab”.
    I don’t know if ya’ll heard about any girl (won’t mention her name), who was denied ‘the bar’ cos she wouldn’t take off her hijab. Well, i guess you are now.
    A Nigerian law graduate and a Law school graduant was denied the bar some days ago, all for a very controversial issue. She was asked to take off her hijab as the dress code of the ceremony clearly states “Nothing must cover your head”. The sis was a muslim faithful, and blatantly said “Beg your pardon my lord, i can’t remove my hijab”.

    Trust that there were murmuring and all eyes turned to look at her, but the conclusion of the whole matter was that the Judge refused to call her to bar. Yes, she spent a total of seven years waiting for that day, and it went down the drain.

    Twitter was quick to react, and questions were raised as to what the hijab could have meant, for her to hold on to it. People aren’t questioning her belief, but all they said was “Give Caeser what belongs to Caeser”
    There are muslims in the law profession, and everyone of them passed through that stage, didn’t they remove their hijab?
    Even on that day, there were other muslims, and they removed their hijab.
    A whole lot of questions and criticism went on twitter which i will only show you a few, but you could log on to twitter and check for trends, Hijab should be there if you are a Nigerian. If not a Nigerian, simply type Hijab in the search box. You can also follow us via @blackpenng. Thats by the way.
    Here, i will be showing quite a number of tweets that i saw, and you should also drop your comments, while we retweet them on our handle.

    These are just a few of the tweets. Drop your comments on the issue, and we would tweet them for you. (Coment with the highest like or retweet gets free airtime from us)

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