How these three sisters got married on the same day would impress you.

    We have heard of compound weddings in the past, and it seemed as though its nothing new, well, how this three sisters did theirs was unique.

    Three sisters, Hannah, Naomi And Elizabeth Reichard, actually got married the same day, but the technique was different from the trend you probably knew.

    Prior to deciding on a triple wedding, their Father, Mr Reichard had sometimes joked that it would have saved him a whole lot of money if the three of them had their wedding the same day. He was surprised that they actually decided on it, saving him some thousand dollars.
    The trio tied the knot with their husbands at a farm in Verona, New York, right in front of 300 hundred guests.

    But, they didn’t all go up on stage together, the three hours long ceremony featured one hour each for the sisters, who went up the stage one after the other. The trio also served double functions as each of them was the bride while the two eldest sisters served as the bride’s maid for the other, while the third was maid of honour for both.

    Also, the wedding dress for each was designed to be distinct from the others, just to create uniqueness.
    Mr Reichard gave out money for the wedding, which they splitted and assigned to various necessities of the even they gave out to an event planner.
    Hannah, the eldest couldnt hide her joy in her words.
    “Wedding they say is the happiest day of one’s life, but having it with your sisters is triple good”

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