Have a say: #ReformSARS or #EndSARS

    Yes, good day people. It’s time to hear you awesome and intellectual say again on an issue that is taking over the Nigerian Media space, are we to #ReformSARS or #EndSARS?

    Just in case you don’t really know what’s up, let me enlighten you a bit.
    Over the past weeks, there had been a clamour on Twitter by a Nigerian that only God knows to #EndSARS and this trend has been supported by various eminent figures in the Nation. This twitter trend came to life as protesters gathered in major cities of Lagos and Port Harcourt to press home their demands. 

    Its also saddening that the Nigeria Police in its “awesomeness” gathered people to stage a counter protest that clamours for SARS to only be reformed and not scrapped. Even Anambra youths staged a protest that they were in support of the Anti Robbery Squad.

    What led to all this issues you might want to ask.
    According to various tweets by citizens using the #EndSARS tag, there had been complains about how SARS ran their activities. Issues ranging from battering to extortion to unjust lock up. Well, these allegations are actually true.

    Now, we have two issues and we would like you to comment on the one you feel is right for the Nigeria Police force (Remember, the Nigeria Police was ranked least in the world).

    Should we #ReformSARS or we should #EndSARS?

    Your views are highly appreciated. You can comment as anonymous in the comment Box below. (Keep strolling down).

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