Guest Post: Its the dawn of a new day, start on the right foot with this poem

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    As we wake we remember
    we are in an open shore,
    and the road is a hook.

    We wake to sweep our memories
    with fallen tone of our anthem
    as mothers enroll in the stanza of elegy
    and children join the campus of the displaced.

    As day breaks like a chick from the shell,
    we find cobwebs on the corridors of our heart.
    and dunks sprawled the veranda of power.

    Dawn is the kola nut on the divination tray,
    dawn is a dice on the palm of fate.
    As we wake, we merge prayers
    to see the set of the sun.

    As we wake in this country
    everybody wait to see a blast and
    mothers wrapping there husbands in torrent of tears,
    and children tasting blood of there mother.

    We wait hoping for a dawn
    to open a new page that will wave smiles
    on these streets and all tears shall went dry
    like a river in the dry season.

    Poet: Deji Adeoti

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