Guest Post: Ever thought you can’t believe, read this piece of poetry

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    Today, alarm dey blow;
    tomorrow, body dey slow.
    Life stubborn no be small;
    like naija, her wahala tall.

    Popsi don lock-up your matter,
    forget say you be product of him water.
    Government stingy, only them wan chop;
    Neglect you, you wen put them for that workshop.

    Your rich Gs no care weda you dey do well,
    their love na to quench you with McDowell.
    As it stands, u dey on your own;
    you gas fight to build your throne.

    Padi, the mudding no go easy,
    fight like kolo, no form effizy.
    Success bouncers stubborn, you suppose know;
    you no fit quench dem with mie-mie blow.

    As slay-queen go one-day turn grandma,
    oga suffer no go rule you forever.
    Believe! Bros success go soon appear,
    all your broken joints him go repair.

    Look the future well, pull your dirty googles;
    soon the world go dey find you for google.
    Like Iyabasira rice, life go sweet;
    like paralyzed leg, pain go quit.

    © Kolofo Adejo, 2017.

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