first time ever, Nigeria qualifies for the winter olympics

    Yipee! Who said Nigeria will never participate in the Olympic winter games?
    The Nigerian Bobsled team qualifies for the Winter Olympics.

                            Team Nigeria is going to the Winter Olympics.

    Nigeria had never participated in any of the winter games since its inception, all we have had are the summer games, and the reason is not far fetched, Nigeria doesn’t experience winter. But the Nigerian green and white flag will surely flow in the air in South Korea, by next year. The only Nigerian team to qualify, the female Bobsled team, is a team of three, that did their best to qualification in Canada.
    The women were elated after their success in qualification. The newly formed Bobsled & Skeleton federation of Nigeria, couldn’t hide her elation as it took to Instagram to throw accolades at it’s female representatives, led by Seun Adigun.

    Click here to watch the Instagram video of their jubilation

    Though the qualification might have been deemed a huge success, after the trio were made to race on five different occasions, the team almost suffered a huge setback at the offset. The team had to raise funds by themselves as there was no proper funding from the government. The crowdfunding pulled a total of $75000, which was used to register, purchase equipment, sleds and other necessities. Team spirit you will call it, and a huge one at that.
    The leader of the team, Seun Adigun reveals why she decided on pulling together a team to compete. She had represented Nigeria in the track and field events, back in the 2012 Olympics, and now ready to lead her other team mates in persons of  Omwumere and Omeoga into the winter Olympics
    “I was inspired to bring together a team for bobsled, hoping that we would be the first African Bobsled team to participate in the games.”

    The motivation was good and so was their performance, now we have team Nigeria in the 2018 Winter games

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