Taylor Swift at it again, this new album is a bomb!

One of the world leading Pop singer, Taylor Swift is set to set the hearts of her fans on fire, with her sixth album which features a new track – Gorgeous.

The album themed – Reputation is set to drop on the 10th of November, and it sure to be an insight into the life of Taylor.
The lyrics of the new track Gorgeous was posted on youtube and it got an amazing 200k views in 20mins, unbelievable, right?


The new albums features songs that are in form of classics, but certainly the 21st century vibe will surely make it explosive.
Taylor Swift of recent has kept a low profile especially in her relationship, which she has with ‘him’.
Be aware also that, she is set to release her personality app, exclusively with AT&T.
Her low profile era is certainly coming to an end, and you wouldn’t want to miss exciting moments from her.
Fans on twitter are ecstatic, see their reactions below.

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