Poetry On Awo Cafe, Obafemi Awolowo University

    Obafemi Awolowo Hall, OAU

    Heads bowed, eyes stern
    All consciousness engaged, just for some knowledge to earn
    Eyes floating over the myriad of words
    Veins dilating for greater flow of blood
    It has to be known, it has to be understood
    Crammed or by heart, we employ all method we could
    The buzzing noise from fellow Jackers
    The clicking sounds from scrabble players
    The murderous torrents of the raging wind
    Sudden shouts from the guy who looks recently weaned
    The shout which to some is from a nuisance progenitor
    To the sleeping ones, a spirit rejuvenator
    The photocopy stand where a human can be reproduced
    The bellowing generators when power supply ain’t introduced
    The craziness is well anticipated
    Cos in the castle of great men Awo café is situated
    Originally meant for dining
    But now the primary bed-space of some ladies, all in the name of jacking
    An emblem of great Ife’s political struggle
    Coupled with the inspiring historical tussle
    The hanging frame of celebrated Africa
    Below the pictorial rep of the community’s pacesetter
    Long parliamentary talks, wielding the ever conscious scepter
    Aluta continua, Victoria ascerta
    Nevertheless, people ain’t repelled from this legendary site
    Echoing a vehement NO, to cold and mosquito plight
    Despite the destroyed door’s glasses
    The still hanging fans, as the century passes
    For effective jacking, this place ain’t lacking
    Cos it’s Awo café where resides the spirit of Jacking
    Poet: Oni Oludamola
    Dedicated to all users and readers at Awo café.

    Awo café is located in Obafemi Awolowo Hall, OAU.
    Image result for picture of awo cafe in obafemi awolowo university
    Picture Of Murdered Africa, OAU
    Image result for picture of awo cafe in obafemi awolowo university
    Picture Of Obafemi Awolowo, OAU
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