Who was Linda Ikeji’s fantasy man as of 2006 when she started blogging

    I read through the archive of lindaikejisblog.com and found out who her fantasy man was, as of then. You wouldn’t believe it, he is no other person than Vin Diesel. She went on and on to describe what she loved about him.
    Read the excerpt below.
    “If i was asked to describe my DREAM MAN,  i won’t describe him,  i would only show his picture…..Vin diesel.
    Vin is the only reason i was born in the USA.  Am not even talking of dating him… Wishful thinking abi?
    All i want is to just stare into those eyes and be hugged in those arms. That’s all i ask. Nothing more. I dont want to be greedy. My God, Vin to me is an embodiment of manliness.
    Want to find the definition of man in the dictionary?  Vin’s picture will be staring you in the eyes. Honestly this is one guy i will do anything to meet. What do i love about him,  you may wonder?  For one,  his voice. Know anyone else tgat has that voice?  Its smooth,  sexy and masculine.
    I love his EYES, his DEMEANOR, his SMILE,  his BICEP, his BUILT, his HEIGHT,  his LIPS , his SELF CONFIDENCE….  Should i go on,  i better stop here cos the list is endless. “

    I laughed when i tead this. I guess the dream is still unfulfilled. Lol.
    Now she is in a scandal with Don Jazzy. I guess Don Jazzy has all that qualoties.
    Or does time change tastes?

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