OAU student union parliametary sitting

    The student union parliament decided to hold its first sitting on wednesday 17th May 2017. The sitting took place at the level of Awo cafe.  It was slated to commence by 2:30pmbhtbut as of the time of compiling this report,  they started 3:54pm.
    Hon Babatee called for a quorum,  to ascertain the number of honourables were present at the sitting.
    A motion was moved by Hon AffaTee for the speaker to explain to the house why two honourables would be sent out of the house, and that it was unconstitutional for them to have been sent out.
    After a debate in the house,  the Honorables sent out were called back in.
    A motion was moved by an honourable from linguistics for the sitting to be adjourned till 4pm friday,in honour of fallen comrades on OAU campus due to accidents and others,  and it was seconded by an honourable from agric.
    A counter motion was moved and also seconded.
    An amendment to the first motion “It should be adjourn due to lack of proper logistics”
    An amendment to the counter motion”Since a quorum has been formed,  the meeting should continue”
    The first motion was passed and it stood.
    The honourables stood for a minute of silence for the fallen students and the sitting was adjourned till friday,  19th of May by 4pm.

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