POEM – Faraway star (By Oludamola)

          FARAWAY STAR


    Unique in this galaxy of ours
    Sparkling with exceeding brilliance
    Other heavenly bodies melt at your presence
    Glowing beautifully, creating a serene ambience

    While growing up, I have seen and watchedany stars
    But none seem to have caught my attention
    They said man could live on Mars
    But then i know, no other star can cause me a distraction

    Thoughamong a million, you stand out
    When i first had a glimpse of you, i wondered what the fluttering was about
    Its just like any other normal star, i told myself
    But then you remind me of that old book on the shelf

    Stars falling, but you remain
    Other’s lights waning, but your waxing
    Seasons come and go, but there you are flexing
    I tried to reach out, as you are all that is Germaine

    Unlike the sky’s stars with sharp edges
    All yours are curvy
    Mesmerized by you, the music in ma’head gets real groovy
    I finally fell in love, after all the “I WON’T” pledges

    And there you are sitting some centimetres away
    Chewing graciously in successive array
    I stare steadfastly at your face
    But always avoiding your gaze

    I got closer, but you seemed farther
    I called out, but its echo became fainter
    I stared at your shoes, but then he took it
    He toyed with, and back he gave it

    Then it dawned on me, “He loves her! “
    When in consent you smiled back, I knew my love was over
    My feelings i will roll up, though very bitter
    But I can’t stop loving you, my faraway star.

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