How to dress perfect to a dinner party.

Hello, lost on how to dress unique and perfect that dinner party? Here is a guide.
There are four basic rules
1 – Know the kind of dinner party it is( Either English or Traditional)
2 – Get the perfect outfit.
3 – Dress down
4 – Dress casual and smart.

The above sounds simple, but they go a long way in making that perfect dinner party dream a reality.

Let’s talk about the ladies first. Ladies first, right?  Lol.

FEMALES: Had it been the 19th and 20th century, the dress code is defined, just a small black dress on awesome heels. But now, things have changed, and innovations have been made.
But after being invited to a dinner party, it possible to be at a cross road on the right dress. You wouldn’t want to underdress, to avoid offending watching eyes(especially if you are single), and you would also not want to overdress so that the host won’t think you are stealing the spotlight.
So what to do? Its simple, simply contact the host and ask about the class and calibre of people that will be there and how official the party is. It might be just a friendly get together as such or a really official one.
And on the dress, make it a gown. Either long or short, with the right heels and purse. You wouldn’t want to go in skirt and blouse.
If it is traditional, still put on a gown.

MALES: Well unlike women,the stress shouldn’t be much, a good suit is just enough. It might be black or any other colour. You can also choose to dress casual(that depends on the calibre).
A good bow tie, with a matching pocket handkerchief  is just perfect. 
See pix:                           

COUPLE: Well, that you are a couple doesn’t mean your dinner dresses have to say so, it doesn’t have to be a matching colour. 

I hope the guide has been helpful? If anything was left out, kindly comment. 
Have a fun filled party
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