Body Odour- causes and care

                                              BODY ODOUR: CAUSES AND CONTROL
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    Odour simply means an unpleasant smell. Explicitly, body odour means an unpleasant smell coming from the body of an individual. It is produced when the bacteria on the skin breakdown the acids in sweat. Bromhidrosin is the medical term for the condition. This condition is common in persons who have reached puberty. When you have reached this stage of development, Apocrine sweat glands develop in your body. These glands, unlike other gland produce sweats that are quickly broken down by bacteria.
    If you are a male, you should know that you are more prone to being affected by this condition than a female. Not because of any unusual reasons but that you produce more sweat than females do. So if you are not careful about this enough, this could make hangouts with ladies difficult. That’s on lighter mode.
    Now that you have known sweat as the primary cause of this condition, you might want to ask if there are other things that could enhance this bad condition. Yes, there are.
    Firstly, being overweight could cause it. If you are a fat person and you are noticing unpleasant smell from your body, you might want to consider reducing your weight.
    Also, eating of spicy foods and excessive intake of alcohol could make it go worse. And if you are a person with depression using anti depressants, you should talk to your doctor about how to balance things up, because those drugs tends to increase the degree of the odour.
    Furthermore, if you are noticing characteristic smells, it could be an indication of a medical condition. For example, a bleach-like smell depicts a liver or kidney related problem. While a fruity smell indicates diabetics.
    Excessive sweating causes discomfort alongside the odour it causes. And also putting on socks with little or no pore space for proper ventilation could lead to a smelly feet.
    But this condition is not without a treatment. It has various treatments ranging from the basic hygiene of an individual to surgical operations. You would agree with me that sweats are produced in large amounts in the armpit. So, tackling the sweats by keeping the armpits clean and dry would be very helpful in reducing the odour. There are quite a number of fundamental things you can do to achieve this feat.
              Make regular shower a habit. Take a bath for at least twice in a day.
              Shave your armpits regularly. If you are one of those that care less about their armpits, I say its time to start caring, because the hairs allow sweats to evaporate quickly, making the job of the bacteria easy.
              Wash your armpits thoroughly using antibacterial soaps.
              Use deodorants and antiperspirants
              Wear clean cloths made of either wool, silk or cotton. It allows for proper ventilation
              Work on your body weight if you are fat, and reduce intake of spicy foods.
    All these are important basic hygiene that should be kept diligent.
    But if you have followed these procedures for about a month and there still no changes, or it gets more severe, then it is advisable to see a doctor. There are many procedures that could be recommended by the doctor based on the degree of the condition.
    One of such procedures is removing a layer of skin and tissue just below it to get rid of some sweat glands.
    Also, LIPOSUCTION (a technique used to remove unwanted fats from the body) could be used to draw out some sweat glands from the deeper skin layers.
    Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) can also be used to treat body odour. This process simply destroys some nerve cells controlling sweat production. But this highly effective procedure is not without risks, as neighboring nerve cells could be destroyed in the process.
    On a last note, Botulinum toxin simply known as BOTOX is an alternative treatment of body odour. It works by blocking signals from the brain to the sweat glands.
    All these amongst other procedures are ways of combating body odour. And you should always remember that basic body hygiene is highly important in getting rid of body odour.
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