Poem- A hope in tomorrow.


    I have heard of it, heard of it in tales
    That life isn’t just head or tails
    That life could be sometimes hard
    You keep hoping and working hard, but things sometimes go bad

    The accumulation of sweat from your body could make an ocean
    But things ain’t just going right
    You are sure you saw a clear vision
    But you ask, “why all this plight”

    Situations arise that seem beyond you
    Dark forests are what you are going through
    Your whole world comes crashing down and you lost your confidence
    Rhetorically, you question, “what’s the point of my existence”

    You feel rejected, dejected, frustrated, with a muddled up head
    You look left and right, but there seems to be no friend
    You cry to heaven and it seems no answer is coming
    Oblivious of any way out, you want to start running

    Wishing you never existed, hoping to disappear
    But all the same, the problems and toughness reappear
    Is there no way out?
    Is there no solution to scout?

    But then I say, there is a hope in tomorrow
    A hope that joy will end all your sorrow
    A hope that life will replace imminent death
    A hope that good things are what you will get

    A hope that after sunset, there is always a rising
    A hope that when life knocks you down, there is always a chance of standing
    If there is no reason to live
    Make this hope a reason to, a faith in God
    A hope in tomorrow

    Poet: oludamola.
    Label: Black Pen.

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