Poem – Christmas.


    Casting crowns and lifting hands
    Coiled up in swaddling bands
    Crying loudly in unfamiliar hands
    Christ is born to loose our bands

    Heavens looked down and beamed a smile
    Here comes the beginning of a new case file
    Herald ark, the angels sing as they smile
    Here come the three wise men in a single file

    Ring the bells, sound the alarm
    Rise from your slumber o ye swan
    Red is the apparel of the day, well, no cause for alarm
    Rejoicing and dancing, swimming like a swan

    Illumination has come
    Inspiration will form
    Intriguing is how he is come
    Indescribable is the power with which you form

    Santa clause is busy flying on a horse
    Six geese are laying, since the day is five plus
    Songs of hallelujah and rhythm of the chorus
    Season of celebration, the angels merry with us

    Two turtle doves are flying
    The firmament beaming, with the sun brightly shining
    Tinsels on the doorway, brilliantly sparkling
    The savior is born, and the angels start singing

    Merry Christmas I say unto you
    Music and dancing, take off your shoe
    Make a harmonious hymn through and true
    Mark the birth of our lord with plenty poinsettia, not a few  

    Alas, alas, the day is now
    Appraise, appraise with heads in a bow
    Artificial trees, lighten up now
    And a palm tree, needs a pair tree now

    Scream, for we have the joy of the world
    Shout, for he shall take the government of the world
    Sing, for Jesus shall he be called by the world
    Season greetings, to all ye inhabitants of the world

    Poet: oludamola

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