Poem – My first love.

                                   My first love

    Ask me for the definition of love,
    i’ll tell you it’s simply what i feel for her.
    Odd right?, but it’s the truth.
    Any thought of something bad happning to her instantly brings tears to my eyes.
    I’ve heard of angels,
    how wonderful they are,
    well, i’ve never been to heaven but i’ll tell you, she’s my angel.
    I’ve heard it’s good to count your blessings,
    she’ll definitely top my list.
    I think of life without her and i conclude it will be lonely and surely a sad life.
    I know no one has control over death and i know one day, in the very distant future(i pray), you ‘ll leave and no one,
    neither you nor i will be able to do anything about it.
    Therefore i’ll cherish every single day i get to spend with you,watch you smile, quarrel with you, gist with you and laugh with you,that even when you arenot with me,i’ll have enough memories to hold on to.
    Anyone reading this will probably think “wow, how you love her!! “,but i tell you, its nothing compared to the way she loves me.
    So, believe me when I say my mom is my very first love.


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