Poem – The girl with the burnt lips.

    That day, the sun was brightly glowing
    When i saw you in your garment that was swiftly flowing
    I wanted to touch the hem
    I felt so attracted, oh!, i have seen a gem

    By nature am so shy
    So i could not bring myself to tell you
    Even then, i should have made a try
    Muster courage to say I LOVE YOU

    But thanks to nature, we became acquainted and now friends
    Though burning with love, i cherish the times we gist about books and trends
    My heart leaps when i see you smile
    My stomach will feel sweet even if stained with bile

    When i saw the scar on your lips
    It gave me a reason to continuosly stare
    I wish to shout outy love to you on OAU Peeps
    I want to love you with no iota of fear

    All these words that i could not say
    With my pen i have come to portray
    Kindly love me back though i still needlove tips
    I’ll forever cherish you, the girl with the burnt lips.


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